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How much are tickets to Super Bowl 56?

We look at ticket pricing for Super Bowl LVI ahead of game day.

Super Bowl 56 between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will take place Sunday, February 13 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. As the NFL’s marquee event which has become a global spectacle, you can expect entry into this game to come at a steep cost.

Super Bowl tickets have a face value, but by the time most people have a chance to purchase them, they are being sold well past that initial cost. Here, we’ll take a look at pricing for the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl 56 matchup.

All prices are as of Saturday, September 5. Prices will change ahead of Super Bowl 56.

NFL on Location

There are a variety of different packages here, ranging from $4,972.50 all the way up to $9,775. There are team-based packages if you’re a Rams or Bengals fan, which feature specific seating, pregame parties and open bars. For better seating options, the price goes up.

NFL Ticket Exchange via Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster prices are slightly lower than NFL on Location, with the upper deck seats in 500-level going for about $4,600. Move down to 300-level and your cost goes up to about $6,200 for the cheapest seat. Move down to 100-level and seats are going to be at least $8,400. Those same VIP sideline seats costing $53,350 on StubHub are going for about $42,600 on Ticketmaster.


SeatGeek tickets in the 500-level start at $4,476. Go down to 300-level seating and the price jumps to $5,200 and up. If you’re looking for the cheapest 100-level seats, SeatGeek has select ones for $7,976. That’s the cheapest price relative to the other options. Those same VIP seats going for $53,500 on StubHub are going for $47,500 on SeatGeek.


On StubHub, tickets are the best prices are going fast. These are in the $4,900 range and are in the upper level of the stadium. There are seats in the second and third level which are going from $6,700 all the way up into the $9,700 range. Seats closest to the field are north of $11,000, with the most expensive seat listed in the VIP section on the Bengals sideline at $53,350.