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Pittsburgh Steelers grade through start of free agency

How have the Pittsburgh Steelers fared in free agency? We look at all their player additions and losses so far.

How Much Impact Will Mitch Trubisky’s Move to Pittsburgh Have on the DFS World?

After 18 seasons with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm, the Pittsburgh Steelers have finally moved in a new direction. That change doesn’t just affect the quarterback position, as numerous other parts of their roster will experience turnover this offseason. But while the Steelers will look significantly different come Week 1, they clearly aim to avoid a full rebuild. Whether they can remains to be seen.

Steelers players added (as of March 15)

The most noteworthy addition of the Steelers’ offseason, Mitch Trubisky arrives after a one-year stint with the Buffalo Bills. Free-agent offensive linemen James Daniels and Mason Cole will join him after agreeing to multiyear deals of their own. On defense, Levi Wallace will give Pittsburgh another corner with starting experience.

Steelers players lost (as of March 15)

The Steelers haven’t lost any major players as of yet, but that will likely change soon. Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has drawn interest from multiple teams and former first-round pick Terrell Edmunds could also land a deal in the not-too-distant future.

Grade so far

C+: The Steelers earn points for avoiding a problematic QB acquisition such as the Washington Commanders’ trade for Carson Wentz, and Trubisky’s deal has a low financial burden and a de facto team option for 2023. However, if Trubisky’s time with the Chicago Bears serves as any indication, Pittsburgh will find itself looking for a solution under center by next offseason. The Daniels deal seems reasonable for such a young player with upside, and his versatility makes him a valuable chess piece along the offensive line. The other moves don’t truly move the needle, but they don’t represent issues either given the low monetary commitments.