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Las Vegas Raiders’ grade through start of free agency

How have the Raiders fared in free agency? We look at all their player additions and losses so far.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The AFC West has been just as competitive this offseason as it was during the regular season, maybe more so. With Kansas City on top and the Denver Broncos making the biggest splash so far with the addition of Russell Wilson, the Las Vegas Raiders need a great spring to have a shot with either of those two powerhouses when games start up in the fall.

Raiders players added

The headliner here is Chandler Jones. Arguably the best pass rusher available this year, the Raiders swooped in and signed him to a three-year, $52.5 million deal. The Raiders brought in cornerback Rock Ya-Sin in a trade that sent Yannick Ngakoue to the Indianapolis Colts. Las Vegas’ defensive line got another helping hand with the addition of defensive tackle Bilal Nichols. Though he wasn’t a free agent, a $95 million contract extension for Maxx Crosby was an important move too.

The Raiders swung for the fences again on Thursday, trading draft picks to the Green Bay Packers for wide receiver Davante Adams.

Raiders players lost

Free agents departures have, so far, been pretty minor for the Raiders. They swapped Ngakoue to the Colts, and lost bit defensive bit players Nicholas Morrow and Brandon Facyson. Cornerback Casey Hayward signed a deal with the Atlanta Falcons, and wide receiver Zay Jones left for the Jaguars.

Grade so far

A: What do you do in a division that features Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Russell Wilson? Get yourself a powerful pass rushing duo. The addition of Jones opposite Crosby is a fine answer for the Raiders. They landed a quality starting corner, Ya-Sin, in the deal for Ngakoue. And they’re unlikely to notice any of the free agent losses they’ve experience so far. With the Adams trade, the Raiders go from having a middle group of receivers, at best, to boasting one of the top players at the position. The AFC West is going to be WILD.