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Why are Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin fighting at Wrestlemania 38?

The Night 1 main event will feature Kevin Owens fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin in a special Wrestlemania edition of the KO Show.

Wrestling: WWE WrestleMania 37 Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Night 1 of Wrestlemania 38 will not be main evented by a talk show. Yes, you read that right.

Closing the Saturday portion of the two-night event will be a special segment of the “KO Show” as Kevin Owens will welcome none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin for a brawl at AT&T Stadium. We’ll take a look at how this came to be.

Why are they fighting?

After Survivor Series last November, Kevin Owens formed a friendship with former blood enemy with Seth Rollins and the two started to team with each other in tag matches. The new tandem would cut heel promos where they boasted how they’re going to Wrestlemania and during those promos, KO would regularly insult the Wrestlemania host state of Texas. He’d bring it a step further by insulting Texas wrestling legends like JBL, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels, leaving one notable name out of his insults.

Fast forward to early March, where Owens/Rollins lost a triple-threat match for the Raw Tag Team Championship and suddenly found themselves without a match for the big show. A desperate, agitated Owens came back out during the main event segment of Raw and ran down the state of Texas yet again before finally challenging none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin to a fight at Wrestlemania. The following morning, the Texas Rattlesnake released a video through social media where he accepted Owens’ challenge and confirmed that he’ll be in Arlington.

Since then, KO has trolled Austin and the audience, opening one episode of Raw by coming out to Austin’s music impersonating the WWE Hall of Fame Famer. He’s even hit unsuspecting people like cameramen with Stone Cold Stunners.

What should we expect from the segment?

This will be interesting because it won’t be an official match. It also won’t the typical Austin return segment where he comes out, plays to the crowd, stun whoever’s in the ring, and drinks a beer.

This will be a brawl and the two stars will most likely fight all over AT&T Stadium before eventually ending up back in the ring. Some have questioned the necessity of making this the main event but none of it will matter when the glass shatters, Austin comes out, and mayhem ensues. This is going to be fun.