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How many rounds are in the NFL Draft?

We go over the nuts and bolts of how long the draft takes.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 NFL Draft will take place in Las Vegas this week from Thursday, April 28 until Saturday, April 30. The three-day event will encompass all rounds of this year’s player selection meeting.

As a refresher, the NFL Draft contains seven rounds and this format has been used since 1994. 32 picks are typically made during each round, bringing the total number of selections to 256 for the entire draft. That number can be altered with the inclusion of compensatory picks, however, and this year’s draft will feature 262 selections being made over the course of seven rounds.

Thursday’s festivities will consist of solely the first round, where the first 32 selections will be made. The NFL began designating a night for the first round by itself in 2010 in an effort to make the draft a primetime, made-for-television event. The second and third rounds will take place on Friday while rounds four through seven will take place on Saturday.

The first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 262nd and final pick belongs to the San Francisco 49ers. The final pick of the draft is also known as Mr. Irrelevant.