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2022 Masters Par 3 Contest in jeopardy due to weather

The event hasn’t happened since 2019 due to COVID-19, and the first one to be broadcast completely live in 2022 looks to be in danger due to weather.

Jack Nicklaus walks to the final hole during the Par 3 Contest at Augusta National Golf Club. Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

A tradition unlike any other: Not having The Masters Par 3 Contest.

One of the most fun events at The Masters is the annual Wednesday “shootout” where participants play the nine-hole Par 3 course at Augusta National. You’ll see wives and sons taking iron shots on the ninth hole while caddying. You’ll see general joviality and bonhomie.

But you might not see the contest for the third-straight year, as it looks like a mess all afternoon at Augusta on Wednesday. “Heavy thunderstorms” are expected at noon today, with that tapering down to mere “thunderstorms” all day, and just “scattered thunderstorms” expected around 11:00 p.m.

And as anyone that saw The Bishop trying to break the club record at Bushwood Country Club knows, the middle of a lightning storm isn’t the best way to play golf.

The Par 3 was canceled during both the belated 2020 Masters and the 2021 version due to a lack of patrons in the gallery thanks to COVID-19. Now the pandemic has subsided, but the weather has not.

We’ll see if a miracle from the heavens allows the event to go forward in 2022. And while some light rain is expected tomorrow morning, the forecast does appear to clear up as the weekend continues in Augusta, so the regular tournament does not appear to be threatened.