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WWE strips Sasha Banks and Naomi of Women’s Tag Team championship over walkout

The champs have been stripped of their titles and suspended indefinitely.

Wrestling: WWE-Wrestlemania Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The controversy surrounding WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of Monday Night Raw has been the talk of the wrestling world for the entire week. And now there are repercussions.

The company announced during tonight’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown that the duo have been stripped of the belts and suspended indefinitely. As a result, a tournament will be held to determine new champions. Here’s Smackdown lead commentator Michael Cole making the announcement on Smackdown.

Reports about the walkout immediately surfaced as Monday’s episode of Raw airing, prompting the WWE to release a statement. The duo had disagreements over how they’d be used for the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, as both were reportedly penciled to face the women’s champions of both Raw and Smackdown where they’d subsequently lose.

This has turned into the ugly situation and the company resorting to lambasting both Banks and Naomi on air over the walkout isn’t an unprecedented move. Many have harkened back to the summer of 2002 when after Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out of the WWE, the company publicly buried him the following week, saying that he “took his ball and went home.”

Other reports started t surface this week that both superstars were in negotiations for a new contract. One has to wonder if this incident has blown that entire process up altogether.