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Which team has won Stanley Cup the most times?

We take a look at the history of the Stanley Cup.

Maurice Richard Scoring During Game

The 2022 Stanley Cup Final will feature the defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche. The Lightning are seeking their third straight Stanley Cup victory while the Avalanche haven’t won the Cup since 2001. We may have a three-peat champion or a team that hasn’t won the ship in over 20 years.

Let’s go over the history of the Stanley Cup and who has the most victories in the series all-time. The Canadiens have the most championships in the Stanley Cup era with 24. Most of the Habs ships came scattered through multiple decades. The most notable dynasty is from the mid 1940s through 1960 with Maurice “Rocket” Richard, who won the Cup eight times.

The Maple Leafs are No. 2 on the list, though none of them have come recently. Toronto hasn’t won or been to the Cup Final since 1967, the last time the franchise won it. Back when there were much fewer teams, the Leafs and Habs would often trade Cup victories year-to-year. The reign of Canadian hockey teams in the NHL mostly came to an end in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s.

Most Stanley Cup championships all-time

Montreal Canadiens — 24
Toronto Maple Leafs — 13
Detroit Red Wings — 11
Boston Bruins — 6
Chicago Blackhawks — 6
Edmonton Oilers — 5
Pittsburgh Penguins — 5
New York Rangers — 4
New York Islanders — 4
New Jersey Devils — 3
Tampa Bay Lightning — 3
Philadelphia Flyers — 2
Colorado Avalanche — 2
Los Angeles Kings — 2
Dallas Stars — 1
St. Louis Blues — 1
Calgary Flames — 1
Carolina Hurricanes — 1
Anaheim Ducks — 1
Washington Capitals — 1