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Why don’t the Clippers have a pick in the first round of 2022 NBA Draft?

Here’s why LA doesn’t have a pick in the first round.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 NBA Draft is approaching, with the conclusion of the NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Clippers will enter the draft without a first-round pick. They traded the pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Paul George. This is one of several picks the Clippers dealt for George.

The pick ended up at the end of the lottery, coming in at No. 12. The Clippers acquired George to pair with Kawhi Leonard to help them win a championship. Both of the stars have dealt with injuries, and they’ve yet to win that elusive championship. It’s hard to rule a winner in this deal, as of right now, especially with the amount of draft picks involved and those players yet to make an impact on the Thunder’s roster. The Clippers own pick No. 43 in the second round, so they’ll be waiting a while to make a selection as of now.