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Friday Night Smackdown preview: Three questions heading into June 24 episode

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s Smackdown from the Moody Center in Austin.

Wrestling: WWE-Wrestlemania Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WWE Friday Night Smackdown comes live from the Moody Center in Austin and the company is continuing the march towards Money in the Bank next Saturday while also looking ahead to SummerSlam in late July.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there’s always questions that surround each edition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’ll ask a few pertaining to tonight’s episode.

Will we get anything new in latest chapter of Reigns-Lesnar feud?

Ok, the WWE had no choice but to break the Brock Lesnar glass for SummerSlam. Randy Orton, Reigns’ proposed opponent, is going to miss the rest of the year with a back injury and this was biggest match they could possibly put on to sell out Nissan Stadium in Nashville. I totally understand that from a business standpoint. But man, we’re doing this again? Just months after Wrestlemania?

Are we going to get another month of Lesnar F5’ing the Usos into oblivion? Are we going to get another month of the contrived “which side is Paul Heyman on?” angle that got played out earlier in the year? Hopefully the company will take an alternate route to build towards their SummerSlam encounter.

Who will win the Money in the Bank qualifiers?

As for Money in the Bank next week, we’ll have two more qualifiers for the ladder matches. On the men’s side, we’ll get Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and for the women, we’ll get Aliyah vs. Shotzi.

From a story standpoint, they can’t really go wrong with any option. For the men, Sami Zayn has been trying to get into good graces with the Bloodline and putting him in the match would be an interesting wrinkle. Meanwhile, Nakamura has been stalking the group for the past few months and getting into the MITB ladder match would put him one step closer to a showdown with Reigns. Meanwhile, Aliyah and Shotzi are two up-and-comers who could use the spotlight of MITB and either would be a good choice to put into the match.

Again, who will be first client for Maximum Male Models?

I once again ask who Max Dupri will unveil as his first client. We were supposed to get the announcement two weeks ago but it keeps getting pushed back. There’s a growing speculation that it will be a returning Cesaro, but that chatter is just confined to online circles. We’ll see (or not).