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Jesse Rodriguez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai: Rodriguez retains after eighth-round TKO

Jesse Rodriguez and Srisaket Sor Rungvisai are facing off on Saturday in a junior bantamweight title bout. We’ll be updating round by round.

Jesse Rodriguez walks to the ring before his fight against Saul Juarez at the MGM Grand Conference Center on December 12, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

UPDATE: Rodriguez gets the TKO-8 over the veteran Sor Rungvisai.

The junior bantamweight division gets the spotlight on Saturday night when Jesse Rodriguez puts his WBC title on the line against Srisaket Sor Rungvisai. The bout serves as the main event of a DAZN card that gets started at 8 p.m ET in San Antonio.

This is an interesting one in part because of who lines up where in the division. Rodriguez is the champ and with a 15-0 record is a -525 favorite to win at DraftKings Sportsbook. However, Sor Rungvisai is the higher ranked fighter at The Ring, but a +360 underdog. The esteemed boxing outlet ranks Sor Rungvisai as the No. 1 contender to division champ Juan Francisco Estrada, while Rodriguez ranks No. 6. If Rodriguez can handle his business, he could likely get in line for a unification bout with Fernando Martinez or Kazuto Ioka, if not getting a bigger fight against Estrada.

The favored winning outcome is Rodriguez at -150, and that’s followed by a Rodriguez stoppage at +260. Sor Rungvisai by stoppage is +650 and by decision is +750.

We’ll be providing round-by-round scoring below for Rodriguez-Sor Rungvisai until a winner is determined.

Jesse Rodriguez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai round-by-round results

Round 1: Rodriguez 10-9

We are underway as the fighters try to gauge the other. Sor Rungvisai misses a hook and Rodriguez counters with one that lands. Both fighters are looking to establish their jab and Rodriguez lands a left clean which Sor Rungvisai counters. Rodriguez goes to the body and Sor Rungvisai just misses a shot as Rodriguez lands a solid left. Rodriguez ends the round with a strong right hook.

Round 2: Rodriguez 10-9, 20-18

Sor Rungvisai trades blows with Rodriguez and there is some power behind these shots even when they don’t land. This could hurt Sor Rungvisai because when he misses he is often open for a big counter. Rodriguez lands a clean jab right through the guard of his opponent. Sor Rungvisai splits the guard, but Rodriguez then answers with a body shot.

Round 3: Rodriguez 10-9, 30-27

Sor Rungvisai starts with some body shots as he moves forward on Rodriguez. The latter keeps trying to wrap up because he is struggling with the offense of Sor Rungvisai this round. Rodriguez does land a left-handed combo. He follows it up with a left jab that was blocked but then a right hook to the body that landed clean. Sor Rungvisai is able to land body shots of his own, but he isn’t getting anything through the guard. Anytime that Sor Rungvisai gets going, Rodriguez is able to counter and stop the momentum from building.

Round 4: Rodriguez 10-9, 40-36

Rodriguez is giving up body shots, but it is to set up openings for his offense. He lands another good uppercut and is doing a good job not letting Sor Rungvisai land clean shots. Rodriguez lands a clean jab that moves Sor Rungvisai. Rodriguez moves his head, but Sor Rungvisai finally grazes his head. Sor Rungvisai lands a shot after the bell and the ref gives him some words.

Round 5: Rodriguez 10-9, 50-45

Rodriguez is relying on his legs to begin the round and he isn’t letting Sor Rungvisai get in close. Rodriguez lands three clean jabs in succession. Sor Rungvisai causes Rodriguez to go down by hooking him and throwing him down according to the ref, no knockdown registered. Time is called as Sor Rungvisai’s shoe has become untied. Rodriguez lands another jab coming out of the timeout and Sor Rungvisai lands some good jabs of his own. The question has been how long Rodriguez can keep up the flurry of punches and if Sor Rungvisai can win the war of attrition.

Round 6: Rodriguez 10-9, 60-54

Sor Rungvisai comes out working the body and lands four clean body shots as Rodriguez tries to cover up. The fighters exchange shots pretty evenly in the first two minutes as Sor Rungvisai's shoe is untied again. The action continues with no timeout as Rodriguez lands a solid left. Sor Rungvisai connects on a right. The fighters exchange body shots as the round ends with Rodriguez landing a clean shot as the round ends. The bell sounds and the ref immediately tells Sor Rungvisai’s corner they have to keep his shoe tied.

Round 7: Rodriguez 10-8, 70-62

Rodriguez lands a heavy left hook and Sor Rungvisai seemed to have felt that one. Rodriguez lands another big left and Sor Rungvisai’s glove hits the ground. I think it is going to count as a knockdown, but Sor Rungvisai’s foot did sort of slip, but I think it was from the punch so I’m giving the knockdown. Rodriguez connects with three jabs but needs to slow down. Sor Rungvisai has recovered and connects with a left hook. Rodriguez’s combos are looking effective, but Sor Rungvisai continues doing his best to answer. Rodriguez lands another combo and Sor Rungvisai isn’t missing many of the punches.

Round 8: Rodriguez TKO-8

The offense continues for Rodriguez. Sor Rungvisai is starting to realize he needs a big shot and when he misses, Rodriguez is taking advantage. Sor Rungvisai continues not to block the shots very well and the ref is glued into Sor Rungvisai ready to call this one. Rodriguez turns it on against the ropes and the ref stops this one. IT IS OVER.