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Westworld Season 4: Start time, TV channel, how to live stream HBO series

The most dystopian, weirdest, and ridiculously complicated show on television is back. Here’s how to watch Season 4 of the HBO hit.

Ira David Wood IV and Evan Rachel Wood attend the premiere of HBO’s “Westworld” Season 4 at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on June 21, 2022 in New York City. Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The last new episode of HBO’s Westworld, one of the most expensive television series ever produced, aired on May 3, 2020. But for fans that have been waiting over two calendar years, the epic series returns for another eight-episode run starting on Sunday, June 26th at 9 p.m. on HBO as well as HBO Max.

There will be no weekly interruptions during this season, as there are no major holidays that HBO often takes off for their Sunday premiere series. So the last episode will air on August 14th, a full three weeks ahead of the Labor Day holiday, and there has been no announced renewal for Season 5 yet.

Westworld Season 4

Release date: Sunday, June 26
Time: 9 p.m. ET
TV channel: HBO
Live stream: HBO Max

While we do know stars such as Ariana DeBose, Aurora Perrineau, and Daniel Wu join the cast this season, we’ll keep you as in the dark as possible ahead of what might be coming. But it’s no secret that the storyline moves forward seven years after what the end of Season 3. And that Rehoboam, the supercomputer created by the company Incite that predicts all human behavior, has been shut down.

But from there you’ll just have to see who’s alive, who’s a host, who’s a host with a blanked memory, and who is dead. Characters such as Dolores, who is still a host but is now named Christina, lives in New York City with no memory of her previous earth-changing exploits or starting a host-human war. Keeping up with whom is whom becomes even more challenging when considering all the forms of Charlotte Hale, The Man In Black, and Maeve Millay are all in various forms from hostery to humanity.