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Logan Paul signs contract with WWE

Boxer, social media influencer will join WWE.

Wrestling: WWE-Wrestlemania Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Logan Paul has apparently signed a contract with the WWE. The social media influencer and part-time professional boxer tweeted a picture of himself signing a contract alongside current acting CEO Stephanie McMahon and Triple H on Thursday.

Exact details of the contract have not been released.

Paul has made sporadic appearances in the WWE for over a year, usually around Wrestlemania season. He initially appeared at Wrestlemania 37 in 2021, supporting Sami Zayn in his match against Kevin Owens. This year, the YouTube star took it a step further to actually participate in a match, teaming with the The Miz against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Immediately after the victory, The Miz turned on Paul by attacking him and the signs are pointing towards the two having a match at SummerSlam in Nashville next month.

His signing with the WWE doesn’t come as much of a surprise as he’s been hinting at making a return since his match at Wrestlemania. On the company’s part, they’ve made an increased effort to bring in celebrities like Paul and Bad Bunny to draw in eyeballs over the past few years.