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Format and rules for LIV Golf Tour events, tournament draft, and team competitions

Here’s how the LIV Golf Tour events will play out across eight events around the globe in 2022.

Dustin Johnson of the United States plays a shot from a bunker on the ninth hole during the second round of the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club on May 20, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The LIV Golf Tour is looking to change how professional golf is played around the world. With eight events on three continents and a total of $255 million in prize money, LIV events won’t look like the weekly PGA Tour stops you’re used to seeing.

Here’s what to expect from LIV events in 2022.

Field size

All LIV events will start with 48 players, and there will be no cut.

Number of rounds

All tournaments will be just three rounds instead of four, except for the season-ending Team Championship that will be four days long. The first event will start on Thursday, June 9th, while all other events will begin on Fridays except the Tour Championship. The Tour Championship will be a match play format and a Thursday-Sunday tournament.

Tee times?

Just like most charity golf tournaments at your local country club, LIV events will begin in a shotgun format. All 48 players will tee off in groups at the exact same time on different holes.

Individual competition

Despite the changes, this works just like the stroke play events you’re used to seeing. Every player completes three rounds of golf over three days, and the lowest score wins. If there’s a tie, there will be a playoff between all the players tied for the lead.

Team competition

Before each of the first seven LIV events, 12 players will be designated as captains. Those players will then draft three teammates just like you would see in a fantasy football league. Snake order will be used (the player with the No. 1 pick also has the 24th pick, the No. 2 pick also gets the 23rd pick, etc).

New teams will be selected each week before each tournament, but only the best two scores from the four players from each team count for the first two rounds. The best three scores will be used during the final round.

The lowest total score from the 12 teams wins an additional $3 million on top of any stroke play money earned. The second place team receives $1.5 million, and third place gets $500,000.

Only the top 48 players during the season will qualify, and all must play at least four events.

The Top Team Championship, the last event of the season at Doral, the purse doubles to $50 million for the 12 four-man teams in a match play format, but prize money instead of a draft will determine teammates.