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Fantasy football analyst and icon Matthew Berry leaving ESPN

Berry will end a 15-year stint with the company this month.

13th Annual ESPN The Party - Arrivals Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for ESPN

Arguably the biggest name in fantasy football is going to be a free agent. After 15 years at ESPN, Matthew Berry is leaving the company, per his Twitter account. Berry goes on to mention that he is excited for what’s next which likely means he will continue giving fantasy football advice for the upcoming season, but it won’t be at ESPN. Berry was a host of the Fantasy Focus Podcast and The Fantasy Show which both aired every day during football season. Berry also helps to run the Fantasy Life newsletter who just launched a new website.

Berry began his career writing television pitches and helping with movies in Los Angeles, California. After tiring of the industry, he began to fantasy sites in and These websites grew in popularity enormously just as the sport of fantasy football began to take off.

Due to the success, Berry was able to ink a deal with ESPN that allowed him to do some fantasy football segments. He grew his talent and product so much that he was then awarded the podcast and the subsequent tv show. His Love/Hate column was one that many fantasy football players enjoyed reading throughout the week as it gave more depth about Berry’s life and experiences than a traditional start/sit column. Whatever Berry decides to do, you know he is going to make it very helpful for any person trying to play fantasy football and he is going to bring it with his personality that has made him arguably the top analyst in all of fantasy football.