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Liv Morgan wins women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, becomes Smackdown Women’s Champion

Morgan fended off six other superstars to secure the coveted briefcase.

Syndication: Worcester Telegram Photo/Steve Lanava / USA TODAY NETWORK

Update: Liv Morgan cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase on Ronda Rousey later in the night, successfully pinning her to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion.

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view opened with the women’s ladder match and Liv Morgan emerged as the winner, securing the briefcase and a title opportunity for herself at any point for the next year.

The match itself allowed for all seven women to get some shine at various points, each being a part of different high-action spots. After delivering a legdrop to Asuka through a ladder outside of the ring, it seemed like Becky Lynch had the match won. That was before Morgan came back into the ring and started to climb an adjacent ladder next her’s.

Lynch managed to tip Morgan’s ladder over, but Liv managed to stick her leg out and bounce off the ropes to swing the ladder back into the middle of the ring. From there, she knocked Lynch off her ladder and made the match-winning climb.

There was growing momentum behind Morgan in recent weeks and it paid off with this monumental victory for the young superstar. She now has a year to cash in on a title opportunity at any time she pleases.