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Joe Burrow undergoing surgery to remove his appendix

The Bengals will be without their starting QB for a week or two.

Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals runs off of the field during to the NFL Super Bowl LVI football game against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022 in Inglewood, California. Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Update: Burrow’s recovery time looks to be a week or two, with little danger of it being worse according to chief of surgery at Providence Saint John’s Health Center Tracey Childs.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be without their star quarterback as they begin training camp, as Joe Burrow will have his appendix removed, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. In the past, NFL players have been able to return fairly quickly from appendectomies, so Burrow shouldn’t miss too much practice time and will likely be back at training camp soon.

This isn’t great news for the defending AFC champions, but Burrow has plenty of time to be 100 percent by the time Week 1 rolls around.