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How much will the winner of the John Deere Classic win in 2022

We take a look at the purse and winners share for the John Deere Classic, taking place in Silvis, IL in 2022.

J.T. Poston of the United States plays his shot from the 15th tee during the third round of the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run on July 02, 2022 in Silvis, Illinois. Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With 18 holes remaining, J.T. Poston holds a three-shot lead at the 2022 John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run in Silivs, Illinois. But a lightly-regarded field also comes with a purse that’s not up to the usual standards of the PGA TOUR.

The players in the Quad Cities this weekend are competing for just $7.1 million. And while a check for $1,278,000 sounds pretty good for a victory, it’s actually well below par for any tour stop that’s not an opposite field event (events that are for TOUR participants that don’t qualify for a major or another limited-entry tournament on the same weekend).

This is actually the smallest amount for any event during the 2021-22 season, with the Mexico Open in May the next-lowest at $7.3 million. But a win still comes with a full exemption on the PGA TOUR through the end of the 2024 season, a spot in the Masters and the PGA Championship in 2023, a berth in the 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions as well, plus the usual 500 FedEx Cup points for a victory.

Here’s the complete prize money breakdown for the 2022 John Deere Classic.

2022 John Deere Classic Prize Money

Place Prize Money
Place Prize Money
1st $1,278,000.00
2nd $773,900.00
3rd $432,390.00
4th $347,900.00
5th $291,100.00
6th $257,375.00
7th $239,625.00
8th $221,875.00
9th $207,675.00
10th $193,475.00
11th $179,275.00
12th $165,075.00
13th $150,875.00
14th $136,675.00
15th $129,575.00
16th $122,475.00
17th $115,375.00
18th $108,275.00
19th $101,175.00
20th $94,075.00
21st $86,975.00
22nd $79,875.00
23rd $74,195.00
24th $68,515.00
25th $62,835.00
26th $57,155.00
27th $55,025.00
28th $52,895.00
29th $50,765.00
30th $48,635.00
31st $46,505.00
32nd $44,375.00
33rd $42,245.00
34th $40,470.00
35th $38,695.00
36th $36,920.00
37th $35,145.00
38th $33,725.00
39th $32,305.00
40th $30,885.00
41st $29,465.00
42nd $28,045.00
43rd $26,625.00
44th $25,205.00
45th $23,785.00
46th $22,365.00
47th $20,945.00
48th $19,809.00
49th $18,815.00
50th $18,247.00
51st $17,821.00
52nd $17,395.00
53rd $17,111.00
54th $16,827.00
55th $16,685.00
56th $16,543.00
57th $16,401.00
58th $16,259.00
59th $16,117.00
60th $15,975.00
61st $15,833.00
62nd $15,691.00
63rd $15,549.00
64th $15,407.00
65th $15,265.00