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Monday Night Raw preview: Three questions heading into July 4

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw from San Diego.

Wrestling: WWE-Money in the Bank Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WWE Monday Night Raw comes live from Pachanga Arena in San Diego for an Independence Day episode coming just two nights after Money in the Bank.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there are always questions that surround each edition of Monday Night Raw. I’ll ask some pertaining to tonight’s episode.

What is next for Liv Morgan?

Money in the Bank 2022 will be remembered as the night of Liv Morgan. After winning the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match to open the show, she successfully cashed in on an injured Ronda Rousey later in the evening to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. That begs the question of what’s next for the new champ and if we’ll see her at all on Raw tonight.

Now the Smackdown champ, it would make sense for her to appear on that show this Friday, but the WWE can’t hold off on featuring its newest star 48 hours after her biggest accomplishment. Will someone come out and challenge her for the belt? Will she have a match immediately lined up for SummerSlam? Will it be a rematch with Rousey? We’ll find out.

What is next for Theory?

The other rising star who established himself on Saturday was Theory, who was inserted into the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match just hours after losing the United States Championship and won.

We are definitely getting plenty of Theory on tonight’s show and that begs the question of where his direction will be now that he has the briefcase. Is the often rumored SummerSlam match with John Cena still on the table. And if not, then who?

Who is the man behind the mysterious vignette?

During the Money in the Bank broadcast, a vignette aired of a mystery man walking with several images flashing across the screen.

So any guesses as to who it could be?

Many immediately thought that this could be a potential return of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, who was released by the WWE one year ago. Others looked at the clues like the Olympic gold medal and the glasses resembling the Dudley Boyz’s and determined that this a video for Edge, with the symbols representing his past opponents. Whoever it is, we’ll figure it out soon enough.