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Cowboys kicker Brett Maher up to a record breaking four missed extra points in wild card game

Brett Maher has the yips.

Dallas Cowboys place kicker Brett Maher (19) warms up before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium.  Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Update: He made it! The Cowboys scored their fifth touchdown and Maher hit his first extra point to end his amazing streak.

Update: Maher has done something nobody has done in recorded history. So he has that going for him I guess. We’ll see if they give him another chance. Maybe he’ll have a better shot at a longer field goal.

Update: Brett Maher has now missed four extra points. Why Mike McCarthy keeps putting him out there instead of going for two is a mystery. The Cowboys now lead 24-0, but it should be 28-0. He had only missed six extra points in his whole career coming into this game.

“Bless his heart”

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are rolling right now with an 18-0 lead on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it should be 21-0. Dallas’ kicker Brett Maher has missed three extra points on their three touchdowns and now has missed four in a row dating back to their Week 18 loss to the Commanders.

Maher has had a strong season, but he obviously has the yips right now.

His quarterback wasn’t very happy either. Dak Prescott felt pretty strongly that they should have gone for two instead of giving Maher a third try.