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Updated look at Big Ten basketball schedule for 2023 season

We take a look a the Big Ten basketball schedule for the remainder of the 2022-23 regular season.

Marquette v Purdue Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Big Ten has once again been one of the deepest conferences in the entire country throughout the 2022-23 season and is being projected to sent upwards of 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament.

Led by big man Zach Edey, Purdue stands tall over the rest of the league in the early goings of Big Ten play and is in the running to grab the No. 1 overall seed in the NCCA tourney. Behind the Boilermakers are a large contingent of programs packed like sardines as just 2.5 games separate the second-place team from the 11th place team. That means anyone from Rutgers down to Maryland could be competing for the regular season league crown with a few victories and that should make for some entertaining basketball down the stretch.

Here is the complete schedule of Big Ten basketball games remaining in the 2022-23 season, including the latest on broadcast coverage. The 2023 Big Ten Tournament is scheduled to be held at the United Center in Chicago, IL, from March 8-12.

Big Ten Basketball Schedule 2022-23

Date Away Home Time TV
Date Away Home Time TV
Jan 31 Nebraska Illinois 7:30 P.M. BTN
Jan 31 Indiana Maryland 9:00 P.M. ESPN2
Jan 31 Northwestern Iowa 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 1 Penn State Purdue 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 1 Minnesota Rutgers 8:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 2 Wisconsin Ohio State 7:00 P.M. FS1
Feb 2 Michigan Northwestern 7:00 P.M. ESPN2
Feb 4 Michigan State Rutgers 12:00 P.M. Fox
Feb 4 Illinois Iowa 2:30 P.M. Fox
Feb 4 Purdue Indiana 4:00 P.M. ESPN
Feb 4 Maryland Minnesota 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 5 Ohio State Michigan 1:00 P.M. CBS
Feb 5 Penn State Nebraska 4:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 5 Northwestern Wisconsin 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 7 Rutgers Indiana 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 7 Minnesota Illinois 8:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 7 Maryland Michigan State 9:00 P.M. ESPN or 2
Feb 8 Nebraska Michigan 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 8 Wisconsin Penn State 8:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 9 Iowa Purdue 7:00 P.M. ESPN2
Feb 9 Northwestern Ohio State 8:00 P.M. FS1
Feb 11 Penn State Maryland 12:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 11 Rutgers Illinois 2:00 P.M. FS1
Feb 11 Wisconsin Nebraska 4:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 11 Indiana Michigan 6:00 P.M. ESPN
Feb 12 Iowa Minnesota 1:00 P.M. FS1
Feb 12 Michigan State Ohio State 1:00 P.M.
Feb 12 Purdue Northwestern 2:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 14 Illinois Penn State 7:00 P.M. ESPN or ESPN2 or ESPNU
Feb 14 Nebraska Rutgers 8:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 14 Michigan Wisconsin 9:00 P.M. ESPN or ESPN2
Feb 15 Minnesota Michigan State 7:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 15 Indiana Northwestern 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 16 Purdue Maryland 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 18 Rutgers Wisconsin 12:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 18 Illinois Indiana 12:00 P.M. ESPN or 2
Feb 18 Michigan State Michigan 8:00 P.M. Fox
Feb 18 Penn State Minnesota 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 19 Ohio State Purdue 1:00 P.M. CBS
Feb 19 Maryland Nebraska 5:00 P.M. FS1 Audio
Feb 19 Iowa Northwestern 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 21 Indiana Michigan State TBA ESPN or 2
Feb 22 Minnesota Maryland 7:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 22 Iowa Wisconsin 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 23 Penn State Ohio State 6:30 P.M. FS1
Feb 23 Michigan Rutgers 8:30 P.M. FS1
Feb 23 Northwestern Illinois 9:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 25 Indiana Purdue TBA Fox
Feb 25 Michigan State Iowa 12:00 P.M. ESPN or 2
Feb 25 Minnesota Nebraska 3:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 26 Northwestern Maryland 12:00 P.M. BTN
Feb 26 Illinois Ohio State 12:00 P.M. CBS
Feb 26 Wisconsin Michigan 2:00 P.M. CBS
Feb 26 Rutgers Penn State 6:30 P.M. BTN
Feb 28 Iowa Indiana TBA ESPN or 2
Feb 28 Michigan State Nebraska 9:00 P.M. BTN
Mar 1 Maryland Ohio State 7:00 P.M. BTN
Mar 1 Penn State Northwestern 9:00 P.M. BTN
Mar 2 Rutgers Minnesota 7:00 P.M. FS1
Mar 2 Michigan Illinois 7:00 P.M. ESPN
Mar 2 Purdue Wisconsin 9:00 P.M. FS1
Mar 4 Ohio State Michigan State TBA ESPN or 2
Mar 5 Michigan Indiana 4:30 A.M. CBS
Mar 5 Maryland Penn State 12:00 P.M. BTN
Mar 5 Illinois Purdue 12:30 P.M. Fox
Mar 5 Nebraska Iowa 2:00 P.M. BTN
Mar 5 Northwestern Rutgers 7:30 P.M. BTN
Mar 5 Wisconsin Minnesota 7:30 P.M. FS1