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Empire State Building honors Eagles and Chiefs Championship wins

The Empire State Building lights up for the Super Bowl teams

General view of the Empire State building and Manhattan skyline and Hudson River in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Well, the Empire State Building may have made too many enemies to get out of their Eagles colored lights, but they have now turned to the Kansas City Chiefs colors after they won their Championship game against the Bengals to move on to face the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

The Empire State Building uses different colors to honor and celebrate different occasions. On Sunday night, the big building made a curious choice. It went with green and white lighting to celebrate the Eagles winning the NFC Championship Game agains the 49ers.

It’s not entirely clear what the reasoning was for this decision. The Eagles are an NFC East team, so maybe the Giants and Cowboys eliminations leaves the Empire State Building sticking with the remaining NFC East team. If the Bills were still alive, maybe we would see something there, but Buffalo is not playing in Sunday night’s AFC Championship Game.

If the Bengals or Chiefs win the Super Bowl in two weeks, will we see either of their colors? If the Eagles win it all, will we see a redux of this coloring? I’m not entirely sure what the reasoning is for lighting up big buildings aside from super obvious events.