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Bobby Petrino to become offensive coordinator at Texas A&M

The disgraced former Louisville and Arkansas coach will join Jimbo Fisher’s staff.

Missouri State v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Former Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino is reportedly joining Texas A&M as the Aggies’ offensive coordinator for the 2023 season under head coach Jimbo Fisher.

The Aggies program has come under fire from all directions in recent years — Fisher’s $95 million, fully-guaranteed contract that resulted in a 5-7 2022 season, the hire of DJ Durkin as defensive coordinator, and rumors around the program’s boosters’ involvement in NIL dealings have all cast quite the shadow over College Station.

And now, Petrino joins the cast of characters at A&M. He announced that he would join the UNLV coaching staff as an offensive coordinator less than a month ago, but there’s a better offer in place. He will reportedly take over play calling duties from Fisher.

For those whose memories need to be refreshed, Petrino rose to national fame at Louisville in the 2000s before heading to the NFL, where he coached the Atlanta Falcons for 13 games, going 3-10 and resigning after just one year. When he left the Falcons, he did not speak to the players, but instead left a laminated note in each player’s locker.

He headed to the Arkansas Razorbacks program within a few hours of quitting the Falcons. He was subsequently fired there after a motorcycle accident publicly exposed that Petrino had been having an affair with a female staffer in the football office. His return to Louisville in the early 2010s coincided, quite luckily, with the presence of Lamar Jackson. Once Jackson left for the NFL, Petrino’s teams took a nosedive, and he was fired by the Cardinals.

His latest venture was with Missouri State. The MSU Bears went 5-6 in 2022.