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NFL playoff picture parlay: The 3 teams to bet for the Steelers to make playoffs and odds it happens

The Steelers need three things to happen on Sunday of Week 18 if they want to clinch a playoff berth. We break down the parlay you could bet.

Najee Harris #22 of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates a touchdown reception with Diontae Johnson #18 against the Baltimore Ravens during the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on January 01, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sunday PM update: The Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots and the Steelers beat the Browns, but the parlay and the Steelers playoff hopes were dashed by the Jets losing to the Dolphins 9-6. Time to tear up that ticket and try again!

Sunday AM update: If you want to bet this 3-leg parlay, the individual game odds are now Steelers -140 (same), Jets +160 (moved from +155), and Bills -380 (moved from -330). The parlay odds moved from +469 to +463.

The Pittsburgh Steelers head into Week 18 with a chance at a playoff berth, but they need a lot to go right. They’ll know by the close of the 1 p.m. ET window on Sunday if they have secured an unexpected playoff berth or if they’re headed home for the season.

They need three results to make the playoffs. They need to beat the Cleveland Browns, they need the New York Jets to beat the Miami Dolphins, and they need the Buffalo Bills to beat the New England Patriots.

The current moneyline odds on those three results at DraftKings Sportsbook are Steelers -140, Jets +155, and Bills -330. You can bet each one individually, or if you think all three will hit, you could bet a three-leg parlay. If you placed a bet on all three events happening, your odds would be +469. The implied probability on +469 odds is 17.6%. It’s not great odds, but the chance is there.

Of those three games, Bills over Patriots is the most likely to happen. Even with the Chiefs win over the Raiders, Buffalo still has a shot at holding on to the No. 2 seed and potentially forcing a neutral site AFC title game. There’s no reason to expect Buffalo to rest starters in this one.

The other two are a little less certain. A Steelers win is a decent bet considering the Browns have nothing to play for, but a Jets win over the Dolphins is a little more unpredictable. New York is starting Joe Flacco while Miami is starting third string QB Skylar Thompson. Uncertainty abounds!