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Breaking down betting splits for Super Bowl 57 passing props

We examine the betting splits for Super Bowl 57 passing props over at DraftKings Sportsbook.

NFL: JAN 29 AFC Championship - Bengals at Chiefs Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Super Bowl LVII kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 12, and quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes will go head to head to make history — this will be the first Super Bowl with two black quarterbacks as well as the youngest starting quarterback duo in Super Bowl history. Mahomes is 27 years old and Hurts in 24. The products of Texas Tech and Alabama will have the eyes of the world on them come Sunday. Let’s take a look at how the public thinks that these two will perform.

The over on each of their passing TDs — Mahomes for 2.5 and Hurts for 1.5 — are heavily favored, bringing in 90% of both the bets and the cash wagered. The over is also the favorite for Mahomes’ passing yards (295.5), but the public is leaning under on the same stat for Hurts (295.5). The over on 0.5 interceptions for each QB is also a favorite with the betting public.

2023 Super Bowl passing props betting splits

Patrick Mahomes passing TDs

Over (2.5): 94% handle, 93% bets
Under (2.5): 6% handle, 7% bets

Jalen Hurts passing TDs

Over (1.5): 92% handle, 95% bets
Under (1.5): 8% handle, 5% bets

Patrick Mahomes passing yards

Over (295.5): 77% handle, 62% bets
Under (295.5): 23% handle, 38% bets

Jalen Hurts passing yards

Over (239.5): 18% handle, 32% bets
Under (239.5): 82% handle, 68% bets

Patrick Mahomes passing completions

Over (25.5): 71% handle, 84% bets
Under (25.5): 29% handle, 16% bets

Jalen Hurts passing completions

Over (20.5): 72% handle, 65% bets
Under (20.5): 28% handle, 35% bets

Patrick Mahomes interceptions

Over (0.5): 98% handle, 97% bets
Under (0.5): 2% handle, 3% bets

Jalen Hurts interceptions

Over (0.5): 97% handle, 96% bets
Under (0.5): 3% handle, 4% bets

Best Bet: Jalen Hurts under 239.5 passing yards

There are plenty of unknowns as to how these two teams will match up. Is the Eagles’ defense really as good as it seems? Will Patrick Mahomes be back in full force or will it be a repeat of his performance against the Buccaneers a few years back? But the Jalen Hurts under on passing yards seems like almost a sure thing.

Hurts passed for 121 yards against the 49ers and 154 yards against the Giants in this year’s playoff games. He hasn’t passed for over 230 yards since he faced the Chicago Bears in Week 17. We can expect to see plenty of run formations against a Chiefs defense that ranked 18th in the league against the run this season.

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