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Monday Night Raw preview: Quick thoughts about Feb. 13 episode

Monday Night Raw comes live from Brooklyn tonight and I provide some quick thoughts and opinions before the show.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, tonight as the company barrels towards the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this Saturday in Montreal, QC.

As we prepare for another episode of the WWE’s flagship show, I’ll give some of my quick thoughts about Raw and what’s in store on the card.

Bobby Lashley-Brock Lesnar contract signing

We’re going to get a Bobby Lashley-Brock Lesnar match this Saturday at Elimination Chamber and there will be a contract signing segment tonight. I have two questions about this: 1. Will there be a stipulation added to this match. 2. Is their match this Saturday just setting up something big between the two at Wrestlemania?

With Mania quickly approaching, they might as well extend this program out. It’s been going on since last fall and simply stopping at Elimination Chamber would be odd.

Becky Lynch and Lita vs. Damage Control

That main event last week was a hoot, huh? We got a really good steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley and got a surprise ending with Lita showing up to help fend off Damage Control. We have to be getting some kind of tag match between these parties at Elimination Chamber, right? It would make sense and I doubt they’d just bring Lita in for a one-off.

Seth Rollins on MizTv

Seth “Freakin” Rollins will be a special guest on MizTv tonight where he’ll talk about his inclusion into the United States Championship Elimination Chamber match this Saturday. He will also address being eliminated by Logan Paul at the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago.

It’s clear that Rollins vs. Paul is the direction for Wrestlemania and I like how they’ve been playing it with Rollins becoming annoyed and infuriated every time someone brings up Paul. I’m sure Miz will press his buttons about it tonight and that’ll make for some good tv.