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What is Tiger Woods’ score in Round 2 of Genesis Invitational?

We’re tracking how Tiger is performing in Round 2 of the Genesis Invitational on Thursday.

Tiger Woods of the United States walks to the first tee during the first round of the The Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club on February 16, 2023 in Pacific Palisades, California. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Update Saturday 11:40 a.m. Tiger Woods will tee off at 1:12 p.m. ET from the 10th tee for Round 3 at Riviera. His playing partners on Saturday will be Christiaan Bezuidenhout and Matthias Schwab.

Update Saturday 11:05 a.m. 68 players made the cut, and that included nine players at +1 So Tiger Woods will have 36 more holes in the tournament he’s hosting.

Update Saturday 10:30 a.m. It does look like Tiger will play the weekend. There are still 14 golfers finishing their second round on Saturday morning, but with 70 players at +1 or better, and 11 exactly on that number, it seems pretty solid the +1 players will be teeing off later today.

Update 3:30 p.m. The geniuses at DataGolf ($20 a month and a great resource if you bet on golf) think the incoming weather this afternoon might play favorably and make the course challenging enough to potentially bring +1 scores under the cut for the weekend. Which means Tiger Woods would be able to play one more day.

We’ll see if they’re correct after what was a very tough morning for the early tee times at a more-difficult-than-usual Riviera CC.

Tiger is back. Tiger Woods is making his first appearance on the PGA TOUR in 2023 at the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club on Thursday afternoon. Woods had been strictly participating in Majors, his last tournament the PGA Championship back in May. His last non-Major tournament was in 2020, at the Zozo Championship. Here we’ll be tracking Tiger’s performance in Round 2 of the tournament on Friday.

Tiger Woods score: Genesis Invitational, Round 2

Score: +1 for Friday, +3 today

Update — Tiger is through 17 holes in the second round and bogey’d on back-to-back on 3-4 to fall a bit behind. He was able to save with birdies on 15 and 17 (his 6th and 8th) to get to +1 overall. But after some big mistakes on his second nine, on the day Woods is +2

Hole 9 (18) Bogey — Tiger drives it into the gallery right, but some trampled grass by the fans gives him a lie you’d never get at your home course. But it doesn’t matter, as he drops a fried egg right into a greenside beach, then hits his third behind the green into the ring of the fringe. The gorgeous chip lipped out, and Tiger will not make the cut this weekend after a meltdown coming home.

Hole 8 (17) Bogey — Just not good enough if you want to play the weekend. A 281-yard drive into a left-side fairway bunker was poor, and Tiger took his medicine laying up. But the real error was the approach from 139 yards, which was airmailed past the green and onto the fringe. It’s a spot where the ball should spin and bite, but he simply didn’t get enough groove into it. A scramble bogey leaves him exactly on the cut line.

Hole 7 (16) — Probably wanted to do better here. An iron striped the fairway 250 yards, but another bad approach was on the green, but 36 feet away from 148 yards out. A two-putt to stay on the number for now.

Hole 6 (15) Bogey — Coming up short on the tiered green from 170 yards on the Par 3 left a whopping 71 ft 2 inches worth of putt from the fringe. But coming up 28 feet short on the second but Tiger back on what is likely to be the cut line at -1.

Hole 5 (14) — A pretty standard par. Driver in the fairway, 170-yard approach to 28 feet. But a missed putt from a tough distance leaves an easy tap-in par.

Hole 4 (13) — The longest Par 3 on the course saw Tiger overshoot the hole, and leave himself 10 yards coming back. A nice make of a 10-foot putt for par.

Hole 3 (12) — Following a crushed 364 drive that played to his natural fade, Tiger had just 79 yards left on the Par 4. But he got too much of his second, throwing it past the green in a spot he’d hope to be closer. A disappointing up-and-down to save par after the smoked tee ball.

Hole 2 (11) — A drive in the right rough left plenty of work to do from about 35 yards short of the hole after his second. But a nice wedge to 10 feet, and a good putt to save par.

Hole 1 (10) — A pretty drive on the Par 5 allowed him to get some relief from the cart path, but a flubbed second from 152 yards to the left rough gave him plenty of work to do coming home. He was unable to get up-and-down from 25’4, and it’s a par but one where it feels like a shot was dropped.

Hole 18 (9) — As soon as we praise his iron game, a nice drive that left him 154 yards turned into a flubbed iron that landed left. But he was able to chip to tap-in distance from 24 feet.

Hole 17 (8) Birdie — Just some vintage Tiger here, as he bombs it right in a fairway bunker from the tee. But a layup second left him exactly 179 to get home, and he hit it flawlessly to two feet for tap-in. His iron play has been on point today.

Hole 16 (7) — Another great iron on a Par 3 from 162 yards, but he duffed the seven-foot birdie putt. Right now the cut seems pretty ok for Woods, but it’s putts like these that might be the difference if he starts to fall apart on the second nine today. Since his leg injury, Tiger has worn down during rounds before (though he finished with three consecutive birdies on Thursday)

Hole 15 (6) — A fairway splitting drive wasn’t enough to avoid an approach that came up well short. You can’t be 88 feet from the hole with a 118-yard wedge from the middle of the short stuff. But he recovered for a nice scramble save.

Hole 14 (5) Birdie — A good recovery here, with a 187-yard flag-seeking dart that landed just 10 inches from the cup. He could have tapped it in with any club in the bag.

Hole 13 (4) Bogey — A drive in the right rough means the second comes up short, and Tiger is unable to get up-and-down from 33 feet. He misses a 5’3 putt that should have been a make.

Hole 12 (3) Bogey — A greenside bunker from the fairway is the issue, and then a sand shot that actually put Tiger further away than he was with his second. From there it’s a tough three-putt from 66 feet for the first bad number of the day.

Hole 11 (2) — Tiger nearly got home in two, and outdrove both JT and Rory on the hole. But he missed a 6’6 putt he probably should have made to miss a birdie.

Hole 10 (His 1st) — A pretty standard green in regulation off the reachable-for-some Par 4, as Tiger flipped a wedge to the short side of the hole, but missed the 9-foot birdie putt.

Tiger Woods score: Genesis Invitational, Round 1

Score: -2

First round recap — Woods birdies on three straight holes to move to 2-under after his first round at the Genesis Invitational. Tiger is looking great in his first bit of action in 2023 and his first tournament since last year. To make things even better, Woods shot at a 69 on the day.

If the cut were to be on Thursday after the first round, Tiger would be in. It’s looking like the cut will be +1 heading into Friday, but we’ll know more once the second round gets going.