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How much do XFL players get paid?

We break down how much XFL players make.

A view of the XFL logo on the sidelines before the XFL game between the DC Defenders and the St. Louis Battlehawks at Audi Field on March 8, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The revamped XFL is set to get underway with its regular season starting on Saturday, February 18. The USFL was the latest secondary football market in the U.S., but they folded their season early due to financial problems. The XFL seems to have better backing, but it remains to be seen if its operations are set up for long-term success. We are used to seeing exorbitant salaries for NFL players, so how much will XFL players make this year?

Players will all have a yearly salary of $59,000, according to XFL Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Whaley. A player will also receive $5,000 each week he is on the active roster. The winning team’s roster in each matchup will also receive a $1,000 bonus per player, even if they were ruled inactive. This changes slightly in the playoffs as both teams’ players will receive a bonus, with the winning team being awarded more than the losing team. During the regular season, the most a player could make is $119,000 on an undefeated team.

There are exceptions to the base pay, as some quarterbacks have gotten bigger contracts. Reporting has been scarce on those contracts, but Brett Hundley of the Vegas Vipers did reportedly receive a $200k contract.

The XFL regular season will last 10 weeks, with no team receiving a bye week. Of the eight teams in the league, four will be eligible for the playoffs. The two semifinal games are scheduled to be played on April 29 and April 30, with the XFL Championship scheduled for May 13.