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Leigh Wood vs. Mauricio Lara: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara are facing off on Saturday, Feb. 18 in a featherweight title bout. We’ll be updating round by round.


Update: Mauricio Lara wins by TKO in the seventh round, to claim the WBA Featherweight title!

5:55 p.m. ET update: The favorite Mauricio Lara makes his way to the ring at Nottingham Arena, looking to claim the WBA featherweight title

The WBA featherweight title is up for grabs as Leigh Wood and Mauricio Lara face off at the Nottingham Arena in England this Saturday, February 18. The fight will get started at approximately 6 p.m. ET and will stream on DAZN.

Wood (26-2) enters as the outright WBA featherweight titleholder and will be defending this title for the first time. He has won his last three fights and has recovered from a bicep injury that postponed this showdown back in September 2022.

Lara (25-2-1) is a fast, hard hitting fighter who has accumulated many wins, including a noteworthy TKO over josh Warrington back in 2021. The 24-year-old hails from Mexico and is looking to cement his resume with a victory this weekend.

Lara comes into the bout as the favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook. He is a -275 favorite while Wood is a +210 underdog. The favored outcome is Lara by KO/TKO at -200, while a Wood decision is +750. A Lara win by decision is +850 and a Wood KO/TKO is +350.

We’ll be providing live updates throughout the fight with round-by-round scoring until a winner is determined.

Leigh Wood vs. Mauricio Lara round-by-round results

Round 1: Lara 10-9

Woods and Lara get tied up early, as both fighters taking their time to get acclimated. Lara fires off a nice combo to end the round connecting to the body. Just enough to get the round. Noticeable cut near the champion’s right eye.

Round 2: Lara 10-9

Wood lands a nice right hand around the 2:00 minute mark of the round. His best punch of the fight so far. Lara with some good shots and a big time right hand as the cut worsens for Wood. He goes to tie up and Lara is shaken up by the hit.

Round 3: Wood 10-9

Wood pressing with his right hand, but Lara not phased. Lara connects again to the body late and has the champion on the defense here. Lara for the first time slowed down his offensive firepower and was content to counter.

Round 4: Lara 10-9

Big shots from Lara to start the round and he’s back to being aggressive here. Wood with another right hand that connects. Lara comes back with a solid left hook. His shots are stinging a lot harder than the champion right now.

Round 5: Wood 10-9

Wood showing a ton on resilience, battling and matching Lara’s power shots. Really doing a good job of dealing. This one goes to the champ.

Round 6: Wood 10-9

The champ giving his all while Lara looks a bit lethargic. Potential momentum swing here as Lara backing down from the flurries. Wood with a great performance.

Round 7: Lara wins by TKO-7

Lara looked to be on tired legs and after a few exchanges, a devastating left hook forces Wood’s corner to throw in the towel. We have a new WBA featherweight champion!