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Who is coach of the Arlington Renegades in XFL?

We go over who is coaching the Arlington Renegades in the XFL with a bit of background information.

Head coach Bob Stoops of the Dallas Renegades looks on during the XFL game against the New York Guardians at Globe Life Park on March 7, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Andrew Hancock/XFL via Getty Images

The XFL had a nearly three-year hiatus but will return on Saturday, February 18, 2023. One of the holdover teams from the last iteration from the last version of the XFL is the Dallas Renegades, but they have moved to Arlington. Even with the move, they have retained their head coach Bob Stoops.

He is best known as the head coach for the Oklahoma Sooners from 1999-2016. Stoops isn’t known for his playing career but was a four-year starter for Iowa Hawkeyes playing defensive back. He was named to the All-Big Ten team once but didn’t pursue playing after college.

Stoops turned his mind to coaching and became a graduate assistant at Iowa in 1983. He was promoted to overall assistant in 1985 and served in the role for three seasons. Stoops left for Kent State in 1988 and, after serving as an assistant for a season, became the defensive backs coach at Kansas State. He was promoted to co-defensive coordinator in 1991 and held that position for five years. Stoops then took a job at Florida with Steve Spurrier as the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. After three years, he took the head coaching gig at Oklahoma and was with the Sooners for 18 years before retiring in 2016. After being away from football for three years, he returned to coaching when he assumed the mantle of head coach of the Dallas Renegades in 2020.