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Report: Fanatics to begin selling trading cards, collectibles via live stream

The sports apparel website is getting into the streaming service with cards and collectibles.

Bryce Onaran, 47, at his home with his sports cards collection, holds two, 2018 Topps Juan Soto rookie debut cards on May 3, 2022 in Washington, D.C. Onaran has a 2018 Washington Nationals Juan Soto (1 of 10) rookie cards that will be auctioned off this May. The card, which is in the possession of the auction house, could fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The sports apparel website Fanatics is getting into the Sports betting space and they’ve also been diving into trading cards and collectibles. The latest news is that Fanatics is going to get into the live streaming service, specifically selling and auctioning off trading cards and collectibles. The company hired former Snap and Alphabet executive to help run the program. Nick Bell will serve as CEO of Fanatics Live.

This is clearly in response to multiple other outlets getting into a similar space. Tik Tok, Walmart, eBay and Amazon are among the platforms which offer live stream shopping. In terms of collectibles and specifically sports cards, has become a popular streamer for auctioneers of sports cards and collectibles. WhatNot operates similar to and has more of an appeal to the new generation of collectors.

Bell will report to Fanatics Collectibles CEO Mike Mahan, who was former CEO of Dick Clark Productions.

“All collectors are fans, but not all fans are collectors,” Bell told CNBC. “We have a big opportunity to really grow the hobby by bringing in people who wouldn’t necessarily classify themselves as a collector today and open them up to this hobby by the way of entertainment and a community where they can hang around like-minded people.”

Fanatics Collectibles is still figuring things out. At this point, there’s no reason to go to Fanatics for trading cards outside of their unique specific box drops, which aren’t easy to get your hands on. As a collector, I’ve attempted to get in on Fanatics drops for various exclusive boxes to no success. The website has a decent amount of boxes but prices aren’t anything special and shipping usually takes a while, since they’re primarily an apparel website.

You’re better off going to Target’s website and trying to get some products when those drop. While the popular products (football, basketball) usually go fast, there’s plenty of other good options for collectors at affordable prices. Personally, I use wholesaler Dave and Adam, located near Buffalo, New York. They offer a great selection and quick shipping/quality customer service.