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Jake Paul, Tommy Fury agree to bet that could double Fury’s winnings or cost him everything

I have no doubt this ends up in court regardless of the result.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury clash during the Jake Paul v Tommy Fury Press Conference on February 23, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally get a chance to settle whatever you want to call their “grudge” in the squared circle. They are meeting on Sunday, February 26 in an ESPN+ PPV event in Saudi Arabia, and their main event is expected to get started at approximately 5 p.m. ET.

These two have been talking trash for more than a year and as fight night approaches, the trash talk has turned into serious financial considerations. On Thursday, the two fighters had their last press conference before Saturday’s weigh-in. Paul challenged Fury to a bet based on the money they’re expected to earn for the fight. Paul said that if Fury won, Paul would pay him double what had originally been agreed to. On the other hand, Paul said that if Fury lost, Paul would get everything he had agreed to pay Paul. Fury agreed to it and you can watch video of the exchange below.

Let’s call that video “Exhibit A” for the eventual lawsuit that results from all this when someone doesn’t get fully paid what they think they’re due. Maybe this gets handled cleanly and there are no squabbles over pay, but given the types of people involved, I’m a little skeptical this doesn’t turn into a legal circus.

How much would that wager amount to? There has not been an official release on pay, and it might take some time to get a firm number. However, SportsZion is reporting Paul is due to make $3.2 million plus 65% of the PPV share while Fury is due $2 million and 35% of the PPV share. It’s unclear if this wager covers the guaranteed money or the PPV share as well. If there’s a lawsuit, that’s where this could end up becoming a thing.

This is the third time these two have been scheduled to fight. They first agreed to a December 2021 fight, but Fury backed out just prior to it due to what was later described as a bacterial chest infection and broken rib. They then were scheduled to fight in August of 2022, but Fury pulled out due to alleged visa issues.

Now, the fight appears to be on. There is a backup in case Fury backs out again, with former UFC welterweight and current BKFC fighter Mike Perry on standby. But, with the fight fast approaching, we might finally see this bout.