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Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers: Live updates, round-by-round scoring, winner

Mayweather and Chalmers are fighting an exhibition, and we’ll see how long Mayweather carries this one.

Floyd Mayweather during an open workout at BXR London. Photo by Zac Goodwin/PA Images via Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring on Saturday in another fight on his now two-year long exhibition tour. He’ll fight former MMA fighter and reality TV personality Aaron Chalmers at O2 Arena in London with the fight airing via live stream on The Zeus Network. The fight is $29.99, but we’ll be here to offer live scoring if you’re unable to watch.

This is Mayweather’s sixth exhibition bout since retiring from professional boxing. He fought an exhibition in 2018, and then after a three-year layoff, returned in 2021 to begin a string of exhibitions around the world. He’s fought in Japan, Miami, and the United Arab Emirates, taking on a host of fighters. Don Moore is the only traditional boxer he has faced in that stretch, instead choosing to face Japanese mixed martial artists and YouTube personalities.

It’s unclear why Chalmers was chosen for this bout beyond the fact that he doesn’t present a thread. Chalmers has seven MMA fights to his credit and one professional boxing match. This will likely be a cross between the Deji fight and the fights against the Japanese MMA fighters. It will come down to how much Mayweather chooses to carry Chalmers and make him look better than he is, or if he makes it a bit of a spectacle like he did against Deji.

This will be a scored exhibition, but we don’t have odds at DraftKings Sportsbook. It’s safe to say Mayweather would be a heavy favorite. Whatever the case, we’ll be providing live scoring with round-by-round updates for the bout.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers round-by-round results

Round 1:

Both fighters showing a high level of respect, as they both continue to touch gloves early here. After getting to know one another, Mayweather connects with a solid left hand. Chalmers keeping up for now, but who knows what Mayweather has in store. More jabs from Floyd to end the round.

Round 2:

Mayweather on the offense more this round, charging forward with some combinations. The former all world welterweight still has plenty of battery in the tank and is teaching Chalmers a thing or two here.

Round 3:

The jab has been effective for Mayweather here, early and often. Chalmers not covering up at all and Floyd is letting him know. Chalmers learning the hard way how it is to fight in the big leagues and Mayweather is having fun with this.

Round 4:

Another round and more jabs landing for Mayweather. Seems to be toying with Chalmers at this point. Chalmers trying to get confidence, loads up a couple haymakers and Mayweather easily dodges them. Mayweather has not sweated in this one.

Round 5:

Chalmers attempting land a punch or two but Mayweather looks like he’s back in his prime. Ducking and dodging every flurry, or punches thrown in his direction. We just got our viral moment of the fight, Floyd does a 360 spin in the middle of the round to the delight of the fans.

Round 6:

Mayweather upping the taunting a bit and edging Chalmers to throw more. “Hit me when you want,” Mayweather tells Chalmers, each time he tries Mayweather slips away. Interesting part that defines an exhibition, Mayweather looked to land a heavy punch but stopped midway. Chalmers escapes danger.

Round 7:

Like much of the fight, Chalmers comes out this round trying to land a combination and Mayweather defends it well. Floyd sticking his jab and it’s paying dividends, Chalmers crawling to the end here. Mayweather this time around doesn’t hold back and lands a strong right hand to the head that momentarily stuns Chalmers.

Round 8:

It’s been clear this was never really a contest, Mayweather playing around with the reality show star. Inviting him to press up, yet Chalmers looks gassed. More foolery and dance moves from Floyd, along with his consistent jab.