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You can have sand Tom Brady announced his retirement on for the cost of a cheap condo

We’ll take a large wager this transaction doesn’t actually happen at these rates.

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You might have heard Tom Brady retired again. And while it isn’t set it stone because we all know what happened last time, that doesn’t mean you can’t own a piece of history from a random South Florida beach anyway.

That’s right, for the low, low price of $99,800, you can have the sand from which the GOAT announced the latest end to his career! An enterprising resident of the South Florida area went and scooped up the grains from which Brady made his video, and is selling them on eBay. The current price is still under $100k, but apparently not for long.

Directly from the seller’s listing:

Bid for 1 of 2 samples taken from Tom Brady’s exact retirement spot on February 1st 2023. Only 2 samples taken on the day of retirement just hours after his video was posted online. Proof in photos. You will be receiving an 8oz mason jar bottled with the exact sand the GOAT Tom Brady made his retirement video on.

Give full credit to the seller for buying a New York Times and putting a copy of it right on top of the sand, just like someone would in a kidnapping or hostage video. Because authenticity and chain of custody is key here when trying to make a quick buck on something stupid.

Many times people bid up the price using dummy accounts on eBay for things like this, so we find it highly doubtful someone will actually fork over six figures for a piece of a North Miami Beach that looks exactly like every other piece of Miami Beach (except down by SoBe, where they rake the sand and it seems less coarse than what’s available north of 15th Street).

But at least everyone will get some quality content around it. Including eBay seller gadgetgs, who does have a 100% feedback rating if you’re interested.