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What West Virginia needs to do to get into 2023 NCAA Tournament

We go over what the Mountaineers need to accomplish in their conference tournament to help secure a spot in March Madness.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The West Virginia Mountaineers have put together a convincing campaign in the last few weeks of their season, taking on Big 12 opponents and making something of a case for themselves ahead of conference tournament time. Despite a seemingly disastrous conference record, West Virginia sits at an impressive 23rd in NCAA NET rankings and qualify for the last four byes in ESPN’s bracketology projections. They finish out their season against Kansas State. Will they make the 2023 NCAA Tournament?

Bubble Watch

Update, March 4 — WVU picked up a big win over No. 11 Kansas State at home to close out Big 12 regular-season play on Saturday. The win likely gets WVU into the field for March Madness without needing to do much in the Big 12 tournament. West Virginia has a shot to get the 7-seed in the Big 12 and line up to face an easy Oklahoma matchup in the first round of the conference tournament, plus avoid having to play Kansas in the second round. If WVU gets the 8-9 seed game, they’d have to face Kansas again after a win over Texas Tech.

West Virginia is joined by Memphis, Nevada, and Auburn in the last four byes, with Mississippi State, Arizona State, Boise State, and Wisconsin nipping at their heels as the last four in.

What teams losing would help West Virginia?

Teams: Memphis, Nevada, Auburn, Duke

Any of the other three teams around them losing if WVU keeps winning is a good sign and will cement them as a team that belongs to be in there more than other teams that make their way up or down at the last minute. Duke is a spot ahead of the Mountaineers in the NCAA NET rankings and could give them even more of a rankings bump if they fall to UNC in their final game.

Will West Virginia get in?

The Mountaineers are in a good spot right now as one of the last four byes and have been heating up right before conference tournament time. If they can put up a good showing against K-State and have a decent run in the conference tournament, their NCAA NET ranking and conference strength should push them the rest of the way in.

Verdict: Yes.