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2023 March Madness printable bracket for the men’s NCAA Tournament

We’ve got a printable bracket with all the teams inserted. You can print out the bracket just with the teams, or you can make your picks and print out a completed bracket.

The 2023 NCAA Tournament gets its main course started in two days and you’ve still got time to get your picks together for all your bracket contests. We’ve got a printable version of the bracket that offers you a couple opportunities.

You can go there and just print out the bracket as it is with all the teams and then make your picks by hand using a pen or pencil. You can also make all your picks at that link and then print out your completed bracket. You can go back and print out as many versions of your bracket as you want to cover all of your contests. There are plenty of contests out there, but don’t forget the millionaire contest at DraftKings.

The 2023 NCAA Tournament gets underway on Tuesday and Wednesday with the First Four games. For most bracket contests, you don’t usually need to pick those games. Rather, you just make your picks based on the winner. The two 16-seed games won’t likely impact your bracket, but the two 11-seed games very well might.

Once the First Four wraps, the first round starts on Thursday, March 16. The tournament runs into April, with the Final Four and National Championship Game scheduled for Saturday, April 1 and Monday, April 3.

We’ve got a ton of content to help you get ready for the tournament and optimize your bracket predictions.