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Scottie Scheffler announces Masters dinner menu

The 2022 Masters champ has set the menu for April.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Final Round Photo by Brennan Asplen/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Scottie Scheffler may have just won THE PLAYERS Championship last weekend, but he’s already looking ahead to the 2023 Masters — or, more specifically, the Masters Club Dinner. Scheffler won last year’s Masters with a final score of -10, three strokes ahead of Rory McIlroy. As is tradition, he will host a dinner for his fellow champions ahead of the tournament.

This year’s dinner includes cheeseburger sliders served “Scottie-style.” We may never know what Scottie’s style is — pickles? No lettuce? Ketchup? Some secret ingredient that only the Scheffler family knows about?

The menu also features firecracker shrimp, tortilla soup, and options of Texas ribeye steak and blackened redfish as main courses. Those will be served with mac & cheese, creamed corn, brussels sprouts, and seasoned fries.

Players’ menus often reflect their hometowns or heritages, and this feels very Scottie-esque — and not just because of the Scottie-style sliders. The All-American golfer sticks right on brand with this menu at Augusta National.