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What winning Nations League means for teams in CONCACAF

Here’s what winning the the Nations League means for teams in CONCACAF

United States v Mexico: Championship - CONCACAF Nations League Finals Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

The United States Men’s National Team is on a mission to win its second-straight CONCACAF Nations League trophy this year. They defeated Mexico in extra time with 3-2 final score in the final match of the inaugural tournament back in 2021, making the Americans the first and only winner of the tournament since its inception. But what do the Nations League winners get? Let’s take a closer look at what’s at stake for CONCACAF teams in the 2022-23 Nations League.

Simply put, the winners of the Nations League will take home the coveted trophy and the title of CONCACAF Nations League champions. The tournament also serves as a route to qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The top two teams from each group in League A will automatically earn a spot in the 2023 Gold Cup, while the winners of each group in League B will also earn qualification. The third place team in each group in League A, along with the second place teams in League B and the group winners of League C will enter a knockout tournament to determine who will fill the remaining spots in this summer’s Gold Cup.

With even more motivation for teams to perform well, promotion and relegation is implemented between the leagues each season. The winners of each group in Leagues B and C will be promoted to the league above them, while the losers of each group in Leagues A and B are relegated to the league below ahead of the next tournament. However, CONCACAF announced a format change and expansion ahead of the 2023-24 tournament, so relegation is on hold in 2023 and will resume with the new format next year.

Next year’s edition will include qualification for the 2024 Copa America, which is being hosted by the United States and will see six teams from CONCACAF participate depending on results in the 2023-24 Nations League tournament.