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Kraft: Patriots trading for QB Lamar Jackson would be up to Bill Belichick

If New England wants to pursue the Ravens QB via trade, it would be up to Belichick to get the wheels turning. We break down the latest rumors and news.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tweeted the obvious on Monday morning, stating he wants a trade this offseason. After that, rumors around Jackson’s next destination started swirling and speculation has him linked to a handful of teams. One of those teams is apparently the New England Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft said he received a text from rapper Meek Mill, who says Jackson wouldn’t mind playing in New England.

Now, Kraft says that the decision would need to be made by Bill Belichick. One would think, knowing the Patriots and how the organization operates that Belichick wouldn’t be interested in adding Jackson via trade and giving him a ton of money. Jackson reportedly is looking in the neighborhood of $200 million guaranteed on a long-term contract. He’s in his prime, has a track record of winning and has an MVP. This may seem pretty unlikely, a trade by the Pats for Jackson. But not so fast.

Belichick has publicly praised Jackson in the past as referenced by the video above. That isn’t to say those are 100% Belichick’s sentiments. He can absolutely feel Jackson is a fine pocket-passer and great talent, but not the right one to lead the Patriots or win a Super Bowl. Still, with how New England has looked post-Tom Brady, you’d think the franchise might entertain bringing in someone established like Jackson.

Jackson gives them the best shot to win out of Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe. The Ravens QB could do well in the Pats’ system if it means managing the game, throwing quick, shorter routes and using his legs as a weapon and to improvise outside the pocket. The Patriots’ dynasty teams were always centered around defense. Jackson did pretty well in a similar system with Baltimore.

We don’t have any reports right now specifically linking the Pats to Jackson. That could change, but for now this is more smoke/rumor than concrete reporting. It’s a rapper who is friends with Lamar and has a relationship with Kraft, saying the QB wants to go to the Pats. So for now we’ll just wait and see what happens on the Lamar trade front. We should get more clarity/resolution soon, however. The 2023 NFL Draft is approaching at the end of April.