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Rick Ross, Fat Joe and The LOX Create a New NBA Anthem for the Playoffs — “The Game”

Hip-hop icons Rick Ross, Fat Joe and The LOX team up with DraftKings to drop a new song in time for the NBA Playoffs. Check it out here!

The game just changed...

Some of hip-hop’s most iconic artists recently dropped a new track titled “The Game” in time for the NBA Playoffs. As you can see in the official DraftKings’ music video above, it features some of Rick Ross, Fat Joe and The LOX’s favorite teams in the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

“The Game” isn’t just a song, it’s a tribute to the entirety of hoops culture, incorporating themes of competition and lifestyle elements. It should come as no surprise that production credits for the track include legends like Set Free Richardson, Buda & Grandz, and Mike Kuz. If some of those names sound familiar, it’s because they’ve been NBA culture trailblazers for a long, long time. Just a few months ago, Richardson and the rest of the Starting Five at the Compound made headlines with a surprise Air Jordan 11 Varsity Reds drop.

“The Game” is available on all major streaming platforms and can also be found at The vibe of the DraftKings’ music video was meant to resemble an old-school hardwood highlight reel. Also, you might just see it air during commercial breaks of ESPN’s Play-In telecasts and other programming!

This is only one piece of the puzzle as basketball culture continues to expand and play a larger role in the game. Stay tuned for more endeavors as DraftKings looks to drive conversation around hoops and dish out original content and contributions in new spaces.

After all, It’s the action behind the action.

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