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Why the Nuggets won’t win the 2023 NBA championship

Here’s why Denver won’t be able to lift the 2023 title.

The Denver Nuggets are an exciting team for the regular season, but in the Jokic-era have struggled in the postseason. I don't see anything changing this year. Until they prove they can make a run in the postseason, I believe more of the same will continue.

Denver struggles defensively and many teams and analysts have pointed it out. Their biggest advantage in Nikola Jokic could also be their biggest weakness with him on the defensive side of the court. Denver will be in trouble if teams space the Nuggets out and force Jokic to guard out at the three-point line. I would expect many teams to space them out and go pick and roll against them. Jokic is not fast and struggles in these situations. For as good as he is, good teams can exploit that and make it a big issue for the Nuggets.

Jokic isn't the only defender who struggles for the Nuggets. Jamal Murray has not played well on the defensive end and that can get exposed in the playoffs. They will face a number of good point guards, so Murray will have to step it up on the defensive side if they want any chance at winning a title. If they can get through the first round, they will be matched up with the winner of the No. 5 seed Los Angeles Clippers and No. 4 seed Phoenix Suns. That is a horrible second-round matchup for any No. 1 seed.