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Snoop Dogg does the People’s Elbow, defeats The Miz at Wrestlemania [Video]

Snoop has co-hosted both nights of Wrestlemania and got himself a win.

Wrestling: WWE Wrestlemania Night 2 Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Anything can happen at Wrestlemania. Night 1 saw Snoop Dogg surprise his co-host, The Miz, with an impromptu match against Pat McAfee with an appearance by George Kittle. Night 2, Miz complained to Snoop Dogg, who then booked him against a returning Shane McMahon.

The match was underway but ended almost as soon as it began for Shane O’ Mac. After trying to hop over the Miz in the ring, he came down wrong and something popped in his leg. He either blew out his knee or ankle, either way, he was done. But this is live TV, and the great ones know how to take over. Snoop pops Miz in the mouth twice before hitting a Snoop Dogg version of the People Elbow to secure the 3-count for himself.

Night 2 of Wrestlemania has had some ups and downs, but Snoop pulling out the seemingly impromptu segment save was a Wrestlemania moment that nobody saw coming.