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A puppy peed on NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah during the NFL Draft

Puppy alert!

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah talks to Rhett Lewis between during a taping of “Path to the Draft” at the NFL Network studio in Culver City, California on March 27, 2018. Photo by Brinson+Banks for The Washington Post via Getty Images

When NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah gets peed on, you know it’s late in the draft. Jeremiah says the puppy has character concerns, which frankly is just bad scouting by the usually clear-headed Jeremiah. The puppy is 100% innocent.

We don’t know the puppy’s 40 time and tape is scarce, but we are currently checking the Puppy Bowl tape to get a better evaluation of his best traits. But we do know he scored in the “generational talent” tier as far as cuteness goes.

The puppy is currently seeking counsel for a defamation suit against Jeremiah and NFL Network. Amy Trask would be my first pick for just this occasion. We’ll see if she has time to work pro bono, as the puppy has yet to sign any deals.