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The Masters merch tent: Everything you need to know about Augusta National’s souvenir shop

Who can buy Masters merch? What’s up with the gnomes? We give you everything you need to know about the golfer’s shopping paradise here

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Augusta National Women’s Amateur - Final Round Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

The Masters wants you to live in the present, which means no cell phones, no laptops, and no merchandise available online. To get a coveted Augusta ball cap, polo, or garden gnome (yep, you read that right), you’ll need to head to Georgia to visit the Masters pro shop on the club grounds.

And that means either having a ticket to a practice round, a badge for tournament play, or a friend who does that loves you enough to take orders.

What makes Masters merch so special? There are usually around 40,000 patrons who are fortunate enough to win a ticket in the Masters lottery each year, so there is a very limited crowd who has access to the shop. In 2018, a brand new shop with twice the floor space of the old one opened to accommodate longer lines and more patrons. During the annual tournament, the shop reportedly earns $850,000 per hour.

Golf Digest has a full list of the merch available at last year’s tournament here. The pro shop sells over 125 different styles of Masters and Augusta-branded hats, along with polos, drinkware, and, of course, gnomes.

What’s up with the garden gnomes?

The Masters gnomes sell for just under $50, and are limited to one per customer, which means that the eBay resale prices can shoot up into 600% price markups. There is a different gnome design each year at Augusta, standing at just over 13 inches tall. The tradition began in 2016, but has quickly become a fan favorite — the gnomes reportedly sold out within 10 minutes on Monday of 2022 Masters week.