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Tree falls on 17th tee at the Masters and thankfully everyone is safe [VIDEO]

If a tree falls in paradise, and yes it made a sound because everyone thankfully got out of the way.

Volunteers and staff secure the area around where a tree fell near the 17th tee during the second round of The Masters golf tournament. Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Network

Update 5:46 p.m. Play has been suspended for the rest of the day at Augusta National.

Update 5:45 p.m. Here is a better pic of the tree.

We knew storms were coming to the 2023 Masters, but how destructive they’d be surprised both the players and patrons, as a tree fell on near the 17th tee just before play was suspended for weather.

Fortunately no one was hurt or injured, and the course has since been cleared of both the gallery and competitors as they await the storm to pass.

We’re not sure if the tree is now a “loose impediment” or a “movable object” under the Rules of Golf, but yes it can indeed be cleared. And we’d bet the incredible groundskeeping staff at Augusta National Golf Club will have it out of the way for those playing the challenging and uphill 17th hole by the time play resumes.

This could have been a much bigger disaster, and it’s wild that a course filled with trees that have been around for generations (even to the annoyance of US Presidents) could have these issues during their biggest week of the year with patrons everywhere.