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How much will the winner of the Masters Tournament win in 2023

We take a look at the purse and winners share for the 2023 Masters Tournament, taking place in Augusta, Georgia.

The Masters - Round Two Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

The 87th Masters Tournament wraps up on Sunday, and one golfer will receive not just one of the highest honors in golf — the green jacket — but a $2.7 million prize on top of that. The runner-up will earn $1.62 million, with the third-place finisher getting $1.02 million.

The winner also gets to keep the green jacket for a year before returning it to Augusta National Golf Club for next year’s Masters, as well as a sterling silver replica of the Masters trophy that remains at the club full time. He also gets to choose the menu for the following year’s Champions Dinner.

But you don’t have to be the winner to take home some swag. Golfers who make a hole-in-one or an albatross receive a crystal bowl, and the golfer with the day’s low score receives a crystal vase.

The winner will also receive a lifetime exemption to the Masters, a five-year exemption for the PGA TOUR, and a five-year exemption to the other three major tournaments. They also receive 100 OWGR points and 600 FedExCup points.

Here is the complete list of prize money for the 2023 Masters Tournament:

2023 Masters Prize Money

Place Money
Place Money
1st $2,700,000
2nd $1,620,000
3rd $1,020,000
4th $720,000
5th $600,000
6th $540,000
7th $502,500
8th $465,000
9th $435,000
10th $405,000
11th $375,000
12th $345,000
13th $315,000
14th $285,000
15th $270,000
16th $255,000
17th $240,000
18th $225,000
19th $210,000
20th $195,000
21st $180,000
22nd $168,000
23rd $156,000
24th $144,000
25th $132,999
26th $120,000
27th $115,500
28th $111,000
29th $106,500
30th $102,000
31st $97,500
32nd $93,000
33rd $88,500
34th $84,750
35th $81,000
36th $77,250
37th $73,500
38th $70,500
39th $67,500
40th $64,500
41st $61,500
42nd $58,500
43rd $55,500
44th $52,500
45th $49,500
46th $46,500
47th $43,500
48th $41,100
49th $39,000
50th $37,800