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DraftKings Partner StreamNFT Launches New Lineup Manager Tool for Reignmakers

Learn about the latest development in DraftKings Reignmakers!

StreamNFT Announces Launch of Lineup Manager for PGA, with Support for the new Bulk Entry Upload Tool on DraftKings

Just in time for the PGA Championship, DraftKings Partner StreamNFT is excited to launch a powerful new tool for the DraftKings Reignmakers Game: The StreamNFT Lineup Manager for PGA (link to ).

Launched in conjunction with the new Bulk Entry Upload Tool (link to announcement of this DraftKings feature), the StreamNFT Lineup Manager for PGA allows you to manage your entire PGA roster from a powerful interface designed just for the Reignmakers PGA Tour 2023 game! Let’s look at some of the benefits of using the StreamNFT Lineup Manager for your PGA Tour roster, from start to finish.

Connect your DraftKings Wallet to Manage your Whole Portfolio

Whether you have 10 Reignmaker cards or 1,000, the StreamNFT Lineup Manager gives you the ability to connect your DraftKings wallet to StreamNFT (read-only, we can never do anything with your NFTs), and once connected, your wallet is automatically loaded into StreamNFT. Sold a player, or picked up some new players from a pack? Simply click the “Refresh Wallet” button to update all your owned players in our system.

PGA Schedule Integrated into StreamNFT Lineup Manager

We have integrated the full PGA schedule into the Lineup Manager, allowing you to move forwards and backwards in time by choosing the name of the tournament from the dropdown at the top of the StreamNFT Lineup Manager. This allows you to work on specific weeks ahead of time (though the player field for the tournament and projections data are usually only available late Sunday the week of the tournament start) and look backwards in time to see what you’ve previously done.

Create and Optimize Multiple Lineups at Once, then Export to CSV for Import into DraftKings

One of the key benefits of working with the StreamNFT Lineup Manager is that you can create many lineups, at many rarity tiers, with many different contest selections, and then export them at one time to the CSV file format. Think of the StreamNFT Lineup Manager like a workbook, and it has that look and feel, as well. You can move players between lineups, and tinker until you are happy with the with your lineups.

Integrated Field Information and Projected Fantasy Points for the Current PGA Tournament

We’ll automatically help you understand which of your golfer cards are eligible to participate in this week’s contests, and further, will give you some insight into how they are expected to perform. When your lineup is complete, we’ll give you a projection on how that lineup could be expected to perform. As you know, fantasy projections do not provide you with insight into what’s going to happen this week, that’s where your skill at the game comes in! But understanding who is playing, what you have at what tier, and how they might perform as a group is a powerful tool that we think will make your PGA game even stronger.

Create your Lineups!

When you create a new lineup in the StreamNFT Lineup Manager, you can choose a lineup name and rarity tier, and choose to create one or more at a time. Then when you go to assign players to that lineup, we’ve automatically filtered your wallet to only include players that can play at the selected rarity-tier of contest. For example, if you create a Legendary lineup, we’ll never show your core or rare players when creating that lineup, as they are not relevant to creating your Legendary lineup (only Elite+ players can play in a legendary lineup).

Choose your Contests

We’ve integrated contest selection right into the StreamNFT Lineup Manager, so once you’re happy with a lineup, we’ve filtered down the list of contests that this lineup is eligible to enter in. Simply choose the contest from the dropdown next to your lineup, and then that lineup is associated with that contest.

Download Final Lineups

Once you are happy with the way your lineups look, and with your contest selection, and you’re ready to enter those lineups into contests, simply click the “Download” button at the top of the page. If your lineups pass our validation checks, a CSV file can be downloaded containing everything you need to upload into the new DraftKings Multi-Entry Tool.

This is all brand new, both from DraftKings and from partners like StreamNFT

Keep this in mind that once you upload your lineups into DraftKings, you’ll you want to verify that everything worked exactly as it should have. When you import these lineups into DraftKings, make sure and check for errors during the upload, and pay attention to where there was a problem. Once you’re happy with that part, go to the “My Contests” area of the Reignmakers site, and make sure that everything looks exactly as you intended. At this time, once you’ve exported your CSV from StreamNFT, and imported those lineups into DraftKings, it is suggested to manage all further actions for these contests directly in DraftKings. We hope to make this flow better in the future.

We Want to Grow Our Tools to Support You!

We’re looking to make the Reignmakers Game more fun, and hopefully more profitable, with the StreamNFT toolset. We’d love to connect with you – you can always contact us for help at, find KevinNFT on the DraftKings discord, or join our discord here ( Please check out our PGA Reignmaker Lineup Tool to get started today!