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Air Jordan 2 x A Ma Maniére: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the release details for the Air Jordan 2 x A Ma Maniére set for release on Friday, June 3.

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As I wrote about last week, Jordan Brand is once again doing what it can to elevate the Air Jordan 2, a model that often does not get the spotlight, this time through a collaboration with A Ma Maniére.

A Ma Maniére has collaborated with Jordan Brand twice before, on the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 3. Those models proved to be quite popular, with many taking note of the quality of the materials used, especially compared to normal Jordan Brand retros. Nike itself notes on the SNKRS app that James Whitner’s boutique is offering up their “luxury-inspired” take on the Air Jordan 2 here, which is saying something since the model was initially luxury-inspired back in the 1980s.

You can see more on the design of this collaboration here.

This model was initially supposed to release in May, but obviously, that release was delayed for undisclosed reasons. And this will not be a normal SNKRS release. It appears that this release will be similar to last month’s Kobe 6 Protro “Mambacita Sweet 16,” in which access will be granted to what Nike describes as its “most dedicated SNKRS Members who love Jordan and A Ma Maniere,” whatever that means. More information is below:

As Nike states, if even if you are granted exclusive access that does not guarantee that you will be able to get the shoe in your size. All in all, it sounds like many people may be hitting up the secondary market after this shoe goes live. Best of luck to all who are going for this shoe on Friday!

Air Jordan 2 x A Ma Maniére Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2 June 3 $225

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