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Air Jordan 2 x Nina Chanel Abney: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the release details for the Air Jordan 2 x Nina Chanel Abney set for release on Friday, July 8.

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Jordan Brand continues its efforts to do new things with the Air Jordan 2 following collabs with Union and A Ma Maniére as it prepares to release a collaboration with Nina Chanel Abney in both a high and a low on Friday, July 8.

Nike has posted a nice “Behind the Design” piece with Abney introducing the artist to the sneakerhead crowd. Abney says on SNKRS that what she loves about the Air Jordan 2 is that it comes in high and low and that, “You can wear it every day. It’s neutral enough where you can wear it with multiple things, and I like that.”

Abney also notes that the Air Jordan 2 is a shoe that to this point has not been done a lot, so it feels like a clean canvas and that her goal was to make it something that you could dress up or dress down. In addition to the high and low Air Jordan 2, Abney also takes her design aesthetic to some accessories to go along with the shoes that will also be available on the SNKRS app on July 8.

Nike notes that the high cut features artisan detailing as well as a new perforation pattern. It also features a hit of bright red on the heel. All in all, the design definitely falls in line with the original intent from the 1980s about making this a luxury item, while at the same time giving it a level of understated simplicity, playing into Abney’s notion of being able to wear the shoe in any situation.

The low cut, on the other hand, features a bright green hue on the heel in place of the traditional Bulls red, while also maintaining the new design elements Abney included on the high cut. The low also incorporates a pull tab on the heel in place of the traditional “Nike” branding that has been seen on the Air Jordan 2 in all of its permutations over the years. Both pairs feature Nike branding on the outsole as opposed to Jordan branding and both will feature Abney’s artwork covering the shoebox. The high will retail for $250 while the low will retail for $225.

Best of luck to anyone looking to pick up this new take on the Air Jordan 2!

Air Jordan 2 x Nina Chanel Abney Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Air Jordan 2 Low x Nina Chanel Abney White and Malachite July 8 $225
Air Jordan 2 x Nina Chanel Abney White and Gym Red July 8 $250

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