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March Sadness asks: Haven’t you seen a million Brian Dabolls at Home Depot?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz gives another update on our March Sadness bracket.

On Tuesday’s show, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz went through and gave an update on its March Sadness brackets and there were some highs, and there were some lows.

Right off the top, Dan laments the advancement of No. 3 Kansas State’s looks like of Chris Wittyngham looks like his favorite dinosaur is a thesaurus. Dan said he thought it was weak and didn’t like that it was advancing, but thems the breaks. Unfortunately, No. 6 Kentucky’s elimination means that this looks like is also gone — Brian Daboll looks like the dad in a Lipitor commercial who turns from watching his kids, looks at the camera and says, “I take it for them.” Dan says that one is good, but the consensus seems to be that “Brian Daboll looks like the Home Depot employee with lumbar support” is better. I mean, haven’t you seen a million Brian Dabolls at Home Depot?

Also gone, thanks this time to No. 11 Providence — Jim Harbaugh looks like the guy that will lick his finger before turning the page on his Kindle.

Now, it wouldn’t be a show without some Stugotz sabotage, as Dan notes that Tom Izzo and Michigan State have advanced through the wrong bracket Stugotz put him in. Stugotz points out that he does that occasionally to keep the staff on their toes, so shame on them. Thanks for all you do Stugotz, you’re a real hero! With the Spartans still dancing, so is this looks like — Brooks Koepka looks like the extent of his Spanish is me gusta chicas.

And of course, Dan was CRUSHED when Vermont left the tournament, also sending home this looks like — James Franklin looks like the car salesman who upon waking up each morning brushes his gold teeth, polishes his head and calmly whispers to himself “showtime” before heading to the dealership.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday's show, the eulogy for Witty’s time as EP continued as Jessica delivered her top 5 Witty revelations.

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


Local Hour: Quitty

  • Amin was shocked by the details Dan left out on the Randy Arozarena World Baseball Classic story. He also points out the Look At Me Louie nature of Chris Quittyngham’s twitter thread after stepping down from his role as Executive Producer. Then, Jer Bear’s Nickelback parody, the Russell Westbrook experience, and the epic WBC Final. Plus, UM Women’s Basketball star Destiny Harden joins the show!

The Big Suey: Top 5 Witty Revelations

  • The crew continues Quitty’s show eulogy with Jessica’s “Top 5 Chris Wittyngham Revelations.” Then, UFC is coming to town so Dan and the crew discuss Colby Covington’s brand and Joe Rogan’s comments on Jorge Masvidal. Plus, Top 5 Gum Chewers, the weird brain of Roy Bellamy, Stugotz’s Cam Newton takes, and Nick Saban taking down Nate Oats.

Hour 1: The Willis Reed Memorial Top 5 NBA Finals Moments

  • Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe joins the show to share her research on climate change, why the media doesn’t speak more intelligently about the subject, why climate issues impact the most vulnerable of us, and more. Then, Amin crashed a wedding, Tony and Stugotz want to discuss NFL Free Agency, and Amin and Stu deliver their Willis Reed Top 5 NBA Finals Moments. Plus, Mike Schur delivers his Stat of the Day and Top 5 Phrases that make him think of Chris Wittyngham before the show devolves into insanity from a word Dan believed to be anatomically correct.

Hour 2: Referee Corruption

  • Hour 2 takes us all over as we update our March Sadness bracket, discuss Mad Dog Russo, and examine the gun violence taking place consistently near our studio. Then, Rick Ross and the Evander Holyfield house, and a conversation on mental health: how do we determine the line between valid issues and using mental health as a crutch? Plus, Fred VanVleet’s comments on officials leads us to referee corruption and sports betting amongst athletes.

Postgame Show: Just One More Thing with Papi and Smetty

  • Papi joins Jessica on today’s Postgame Show to discuss their mutual love of the TV Show Columbo, and Dan claims this is the most engaged Papi has EVER been in a show segment. Why does Papi have so much trivia about Peter Falk?

Watch more below!


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